Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just a repost of comments from a school leaver.

Firstly 15 minutes before i was outside my house,
learning how to drive that stupid auto chevrolett,
and i nearly broke my side mirror. GOSHH
then i entered my house and refreshed my blog
found smth interesting ...

Look at this.. this is obviously new to me haha..

WOW, someone post smth long in my cbox,
i thought it is a SPAM, damn worried but after i look at it
only i found it is an advice from a school leaver ( Form 6 leaver i guess )
so now i kindly repost his/her comments so that all u form 6 ppl out there can know what actually happened..

maximizing... ... ...

hi, jz pass by..I want to tell all fresh F6 ppl.
that Bio is good,but it is hard to enter ur desired courses when u grad. U can see alot of Bio students getting 4flat and band 5/6 in MUET still struggling to enter jz USM.U can see alot of live example in RECOM.ORG
And from my experience as a Physics student and having a number of friends in Bio,i can tell u that Bio is equally or even harder than physics especially u are not so (diligent) or that bookworm.
Physics actually requires oni logic and remember some formulaes+abit exercise to score A.It is not hard I tell u.Pls deeply consider ur stream.Deeply..Finally,best wishes to all fresh F6 fellas
I am writing this becuz i see many of my best friends are struggling now.I dun wan new gen to be like us.Actually i dun even know who is the blog's owner.

you dunno who i am, u comment smth like dis, and i was shocked. buhu T____T

hohos, i have no words to say cuz i already switched to bio just last friday
and this advice came too little too late T_____T
不然我会被tan chin ee老师骂到我傻 @@"

i think it helps a lot... kut


文^^ said...



其实……不管你拿什么科系,都是一样的。bio也未必做医生, physics也未必做工程师。


jitsinexpress said...

As a fomer biology student, I can tell you that Biology students have to study MORE than physics students.

But to me, I enjoy studying biology,although we need to read stacks of biology notes.

Physics can be TOUGH if you dont get the idea of it... you either get very very high marks in phsyics, or you get super low marks..
Some of my friends who failed to catch the logic of physics failed terribly in their school exams.

whereas for biology, you 'll get highmarks if you study... simple as that...

dont worry about your choice, just go for it, form six is tough, but it is fun as well ;)