Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back to Life.

Yesterday night was fun, we having barbeque and gathering at ping ying's house
sorry to say that i have no time for uploading photos
Perhaps next time
Busy busy sch life and heavy heavy homeworks are all i have
Woohoo, quite suffering at first but now finally get used to it
It's better that to have new challenges everyday than no
It's life huhh ? Challenge and crazy/bad/suffer/torturing circumstances make us feel like a real man
To prove that we r alive.

So, friends, Aiming for ur target yet?
We are all aza aza fighting, nothing's gonna knock us down

My dear back to Kajang from his holiday ad
So we are all back to studies finally
Happy while spending time with u anyway.
Let's keep focus and concentrate.
You know i'll miss u.

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