Thursday, October 01, 2009

She's looking for help.

I know her. She's one of our senior.

This is the repost from keanpinglim's blog
that taken from JitsinExpress

I was totally taken aback when I read the news about Yen Kee, one of the top students in Jit Sin who scored 11A's in her SPM. She was awarded scholarships to study Medicine in overseas university by Public Service Department after receiving her SPM results, but her dream is so near, yet so far.Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Leukemia one year ago, forcing her to relinquish her the golden opportunity to becoming a doctor. She has been undergoing chemotherapy for almost a year and her health conditions improved along with the treatments.However, its a short-lived joy as her health is deteriorating and cancer is again threatening her life.
Her father, a small construction contractor has almost used up all his lifetime savings to save her daughter, hoping that chemotherapy would bring back Yen Kee a normal life. Till now, the family has already spent more than RM70,000 to ensure Yen Kee can receive proper treatments.Now with her conditions worsened, they have no choice but let Yen Kee undergo bone marrow transplant that would cost them more than RM200,000; which is the only hope to save this young life according to the doctors.
The operation will take place at Ampang Hospital once the bone marrow arrives in Malaysia.Yen Kee's family is now facing financial difficulties to support this costly yet life-saving bone marrow transplant. They have no choice but to seek for alternative financial support, hoping that donations collected can lighten the enormous burden on the whole family right now.
I beg all of you , Please, please help Yen Kee. No matter how much you can donate, every single penny that goes into her donation fund will help Yen Kee, the once smart, cheerful and friendly girl, to survive this obstacle!To donate, please hand in your cheque/cash at any of the Guang Ming Daily office. Remember to state her full name , "Yeoh Yen Kee" as the receipient of the donations made.
Get well soon my friend. God is with you, always!
C Guevara

Below is the original news report from Guang Ming Daily:

Honestly i was quite shocked when i knew that she's in form 6(but i never met her before? )
Reminds me that i saw her middle of the year 2008 at our school Gate 5.
She was wearing mask and bandana. That i guess she was having treatment for the ailment.
She still able to walk fast and talk and look fine, yet not so good though.
Couldn't imagine how ill she is now.
She's looking for help.
We can help. Pass this message around.

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Jialek said...

act i knew she get sick earlier,bt i didnt expected she is getting more serious,wish tat we could really help her