Tuesday, September 01, 2009

In great danger. TT

My family and I are truly in danger. WHY ?
Just as i went home from school. Mum told me that my lil bro had been stung/biten by wu2 gong1(蜈蚣)(Kinda lazy to search on what it called in english, centipedes i guess ==)
OMFG ? We knew that if somebody was biten by centipedes then it would be seriously poisoned and might cause death too. X__X
But my bro was jumping here and there like nothing happened. I wasn't really believe that he got bite anyhow. But then i finally found a big hole at his arm. Woo. My poor lil bro. He must be real lucky that he's still alive but yet very pain too.

Reminded me the experience i had last time when i was in the shower.
15++cm long centipede crawling along as near as just beside my feet. DARN IT.
I couldn't tell how i manage to escape kies. @@
Luckily it had been killed. If not i bet i wouldn't step into the bath room ever again as i didn't see it's dead body showed up.

Now i have to share my room ("our room", my sister said) with my bro ad, cause my parents said they will not let my bro to sleep under the floor with the tilam again since their room's humidity was kinda high (means wet la duhs), compare with mine. (their room is 'CONNECTED' to the bathroom)
Means I have to sleep with my bro ad. GREAT.
“噢噢噢~” ( say it while his hand was taking my alarm clock and i saw the needle didn't point at the correct time. Now i know why i would be late to school last week ad. ZZZ. )

However i've searched on how to chase away these rodents. Since u know the big rain never stop right. Humidity keep raising. Have to figure out what to do to keep my family from danger.I killed two cockroach just now luu. Proud nia. LALALA.
For those who dont know how to chase away 蜈蚣 these may be useful to you. Just share share la:

5、清除窗外的爬山虎等植物  6、在门口和窗口及另外有可能爬入蜈蚣的地方撒石灰粉,因为蜈蚣喜欢潮湿的环境。  7、用艾草熏屋子  8、有两种药物对蜈蚣有效,雄黄水或者敌敌畏的稀释溶液,在屋里的地面和角落里喷洒以后,闭门至少半日,效果据说不错。 
睡觉前将床靠背离开墙壁,然后用生石灰或樟脑丸护住床脚,灭害灵放在床头柜手可以立即抓到的地方,可以安枕无忧了。 然后新装修的房间最好放几盆红豆杉来吸收有毒气体,再放几盆有香味的花来改良气味。 之后即使有蜈蚣也不会来了。 

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文^^ said...

wow.. is he ok?

i think ask ur parents raise a cock is the best way!